What Really Matters?

If you like to live “off the cuff,” you appreciate spontaneity.   If you enjoy trying new things that are stretching, you delight in adventure.  If you take pleasure in reading every article that piques your interest, you treasure knowledge and understanding.  The qualities that are most important to you in life and work are your values.  Clearly seeing your unique values can help you determine your priorities.  Then, when your behavior supports that which you consider important, you have a sense of satisfaction and contentment that energizes you and enables you to soar.  When your actions don’t line up with what you esteem most highly, things can feel off-kilter.

What are your top 5 values?  How are you living in alignment with the qualities you admire most?  In what ways are you out of step with that which you regard as important, and how is that hindering you from being the best at what you do?

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