Frequently Asked Questions
How can hiring Sher help me?
Having an experienced coach walk beside you provides a second set of eyes to see what is going on in ways you can't see alone. Sher can help you uncover what is going on "below the surface.” Once the emotional barriers or limiting beliefs are recognized, they can be cleared. Sher can help you think through and implement strategies and actions that can set your income growth in a new direction.
What is a Transformational Business Coach?
As a transformational business coach, Sher specializes in helping uncover the hidden blocks that lie below the surface, those inner issues that are sabotaging or derailing success and direction. A transformation occurs by getting free from the limitations and setting specific goals and business strategies that lead to remarkable success.
Does coaching work?
Coaching is highly effective for business owners who do this work. Bob Nardelli, former Home Depot CEO, expressed his conviction by saying, "I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."
Does Sher coach by phone?
All of Sher's coaching is done by phone or Skype.
Can we meet in person?
Sher typically does not meet clients in person. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, a meeting can be arranged.
What is EFT Tapping?
Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping is a technique that brings healing from emotional stuck points and past traumas. Tapping is an easy-to-use technique of tapping with fingertips on acupressure points while repeating certain phrases dealing with your unique situation. EFT Tapping has been studied scientifically in many clinical tests and found to be extremely effective.
How do I get started?
Contact Sher via the contact form on the website. Sher will discuss your interest in coaching and help you decide which coaching package is right for you. Coaching sessions can be scheduled, and your time will be reserved when payment is received.
How often do we have a session?
Coaching sessions are weekly.
How much does coaching cost?

There are three package choices: Money Map (3 Sessions), Discovery & Design (5 Sessions), and Freedom & Growth (3-month partnership). Click here for more information on each package.

How do I pay?
Sher Nyquist will send you a link for credit card or PayPal payment. If you prefer to pay by check, that can also be arranged.
Do you work with business owners from a variety of industries?
Yes, Sher works with business owners in many product- and service-related industries.
What if I would like more specific coaching beyond the sessions included in the package?
Clients often decide to continue beyond the sessions when they realize the value of having a coach. Individual custom packages for next steps are developed near the end of the current package, depending entirely on what the client wants next.
Are sessions always one-on-one, or may I include business partners?
Yes, group coaching can be arranged.
Do you conduct workshops on specific topics?
Yes! Sher leads workshops on "Money Map" and "Setting Outrageous Goals." Other workshops and topics can be arranged upon request.